Thursday, October 4, 2012

Improv Wreath

This is going to be short and sweet, but it was too sweet not to share.  :)  And the title pretty much says it all.

I finally got my fall decor out and set up.  Now all I need is a pumpkin spice bundt cake baking in the oven to smell up the house, and I'm good!

Well, that, and a wreath.  I couldn't believe I didn't have a fall wreath in all my stuff!  And I needed one!

Light bulb!  I remembered I had one of those woven vine wreaths that I recently inherited from my mom, as well as LOTS of crocheted doilies.  My mom loved to crochet--a hobby I wished I had paid more attention to and had her teach me--and she had tons of doilies she made as well as my great-grandmother.

But anyhoo, I needed a way to attach the doily to the wreath that wasn't permanent and that wouldn't damage the doily.

Enter the ever-multi-use twist-ties.  :)

Once I had the doily attached to the wreath, I needed a ribbon hanger, and I felt like it needed a bow of some sort.

I have no fall-ish ribbon, but I remembered I had some vintagey-looking fabric in fall colors that I thought would be pretty cute.  I cut a few scrap strips and tied one to be the hanger.

I tried to make those cute fabric flowers you see everywhere, but couldn't make it happen.  So I settled on a bow.  Twist-tied it on, and voila!

I hung it on the inside of my door so the doily wouldn't be exposed to the elements, and so I can enjoy it!  I love it!  So simple and easy and fall!  :D

I love how the light plays with the voids in the doily.

Hope you found a little inspiration too!

ta-ta for now,

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