Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Fall Color Scheme! {Copper & Fuchsia}

So, yesterday, I SOLD you guys on how copper is the new gold, right?!  I mean, can you deny how fabulous all those gorgeous copper pieces are??

Well, all that copper inspired me to add a little to my home, and since my home is currently being decorated for fall, I wanted to incorporate some of that copper in my fall decor {and maybe a few pieces for permanent placement}.  And, for whatever reason, when I see copper, I see fuchsia.  And for an even crazier reason, those are now my fall colors.  When I mentioned this crazy new light bulb to the hubs, he was all on board {yay!}, saying how he liked the bright colors for fall instead of the sad ones.  I'm not saying reds, oranges, yellows and browns are sad, but I was ready to update them.

This post may feel a little random, which is probably because my new copper pieces came to me a bit randomly.

But I'll do my best to make it somewhat cohesive.  (:

First, I decided I would probably just turn some of my existing fall decor copper.  I don't have a ton of fall decor, and I don't want much more, so I just figured I'd work with what I got.  Therefore, I needed to find the best copper paint.  My initial thought was "best spray paint," since that's generally my chosen material, but apparently, where I live, copper spray paint--the shiny-new-penny shade--is NOT easy to come by.  So I ended up with only 3 choices, one of which isn't a spray paint and, actually, not even a paint.

Option 1:  Found at Lowes, Valspar's copper metallic (not hammered), which is more like a slightly used new penny

Option 2:  Found at Hobby Lobby, basically the copper version of Krylon's "Looking Glass"

And Option 3:  Found at Home Depot, Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze Copper Penny

Needless to say, I was pretty bummed.  Rustoleum has a hammered copper that looked close to a new penny but I really wanted to stay away from the hammered finish.  But I went ahead and commenced with my test.

On my test board, I liked Option 1, the Valspar, second best.  It is within the range of color I wanted, even though it is a little darker, but the shine was nice.  It does have more of a satin finish however.

Option 2, Krylon's Copper was my least favorite, on the test board.  It didn't appear at all like I was wanting for a finish.

I liked Option 3 the best, Martha's Copper Glaze, but because it is a glaze, I wasn't sure how it would end up working with what I was going to be painting.

So, I had these three paints.  Now to put their copperiness {totally a word!} to the test.

I had these two candlesticks I picked up from Target's One Spot, which I knew one day I'd paint them.  Too much cream going on.

Because they are glazed ceramic I knew I would spray paint them.  No Martha glaze.  So I went with the spray I liked best:  Valspar.

Um, no.

Once I had them sprayed and sitting on my table, they were not working.  That satin finish actually made them look closer to a bronze than copper, which is not at all what I was going for.

So I repainted them with the Krylon, and O MY GOODNESS!  How perty!!  It looks so much better on the candlesticks than it did on the test board.  Crazy, right?!

Remember that fuchsia I mentioned?  I found some really pretty peonies and updated my cornucopia with them and some cotton stalks, and I really love the compilation with the copper.

Ok, random transition....

When I knew I wanted to go in a copper & fuchsia direction for my fall decor, I bought a few fuchsia flowers and some fall greenery that had fuchsia tones in it.  Together with a few cotton stalks, I put together my new fall flower arrangements for my table.

I also took some embossed felt and wrapped it around two tall glass cylinder vases.  I then used the Martha Stewart copper glaze to paint the felt.  Confession:  I've never worked with a glaze before, so I had no clue as to how it would behave.  And while, in the beginning, I wanted a solid copper vase showing the embossing, the end result is much better.  The glaze actually soaked into the felt, but sat on top of the embossed part.  The effect is really, really neat.

After I applied the first coat and saw the effect, I decided I would try an ombre effect with the glaze.  And I had it going pretty good.  Until my 14-month-old nephew watched me apply a coat, then proceeded to apply his own coat when I left the room.  Lesson learned:  never leave an open jar of paint and brush in the reach of young children.  {Can you tell I don't have kids, he he he!}  But, I was actually really honored that he wanted to paint with me.  Or paint like me.  He's quickly becoming my craft buddy!

Anyhoo, so it kinda ruined any ombre effect, but it's kinda there.  Kinda.  I'm trying to decide if I just want to paint it evenly all the way...

And again, I love the copper and fuchsia and white.

In the middle of all the painting projects, I managed to come across these cute little buckets in copper and fuchsia (the design gods again??):

And this super cute lil copper owl.

As it turns out, I didn't actually paint any of my existing fall decor copper.  I debated it, but in the end, I just didn't use it.  As you all know, I am a renowned mind-changer, so next year may bring a whole new fall color theme.

So, there it is.  A new fall color scheme.  Kinda like how black and white fall decor is in right now.  Ok, not really because black and white is classic, and this copper and fuchsia not so much.  But I like the different look than the traditional red/orange/brown/yellow.

And, after all the painting was done, I had to reevaluate my paint favorites
#1:  Martha Glaze
Close #2:  Krylon
#3:  Valspar

And this is just my opinion based on the options I could find near me.  {This is also not a sponsored post.  I am not receiving any compensation for testing out these products.  Just passing on my thoughts.}

What do you guys think?  Are you feeling the copper love?  Do you like the copper and fuchsia?  For fall?

Have a good one, and thank you, thank you for stopping by! (:


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