Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dressing My Chairs with New Cushions {Inspiration}

My brain is always running, always thinking about 5 steps {projects} ahead of what I am currently working on, which tends to drive me nuts.  My mom told me long ago, while I was still in college and kept getting very overwhelmed with the seemingly endless things to do on my projects, to make a list.  Write down every little thing left to do, then do them one by one, crossing them off as you complete them.  That was the best advice EVER for someone like me.  My mind can focus on just the one thing and get it done, then move onto the next, rather than thinking about everything all at one time.

I still make lists, and they are constantly evolving, crossing things off and adding more to.  My latest list entry is to create cushions for my newly refinished--or rather, de-finished--breakfast table chairs.

Ok, a little history.  My dining chairs used to look like this.  {Pardon the 5-year-old-Thanksgiving-dinner-set table.  This was way before the word "blog" entered my vocabulary so I didn't document every aspect of my house.  O, when things were easy, ha ha ha!}  

My hubby and I totally made hand turkeys for place cards that year.
The table is custom made and the chairs are from Ikea that we stained.  It started to bug me that they perfectly matched the table {which, at the time, thought was SO COOL how we got the finishes just right to look like a set because they were stained at different times with different processes....}, and I wanted a little contrast.  So we painted them.

But then, last Fall, the hubs and I took a trip to Warrenton, and bought these beauties for new dining chairs.

I apparently don't mind the matchy-matchy anymore!

They'll need cushions, too....eventually!

So we borrowed two of the old chairs to use at our breakfast table and got rid of the swivel stools.  But I wasn't feeling the white anymore.  Story of my life.  I can never make my mind up, and I change it probably too often!

What is that saying....the only constant in life is how things change.  Ain't that the truth!!

So, I spent an afternoon stripping.  Paint, that is.  :)  And now my chairs are ALMOST like they were when we bought them.  Some of the stain came off too, and some of the white stayed to give it almost a pickled look.  It's pretty cool actually.

But now they are in need of cushions.  A little dressing up.

I actually made these cushions.  It was my first sewing project where I created the pattern, and I was super impressed with myself, ha ha!  They turned out pretty awesome!  But the fabric doesn't work with our getup anymore, so it's on to something new.

But this project is not at the forefront.  I have too many others that NEED to be done, taking priority on "the list."  That won't stop me from "researching" for inspiration, however.  :)

Here's a few ideas I thought were neat.


dining chair slip covers to sew

Lots of fun ideas out there, and now my brain is running!!  Maybe "researching" wasn't such a good idea!

Although, I can't decide whether or not I want to just do a removable cushion, or if I want to upholster the seats.  Maybe like this:

French Country Chair Makeover {} #frenchcountry #makeover
Or these:

Or this:

how to upholster a chair at tatertots and jello

Upholstering would be easier and not necessarily permanent, but maybe harder to clean....Ugh....decisions, decisions.  

I would love to hear from you guys.  
  • Which do you prefer:  removable cushions or upholstered seats?  
  • Have you recently "cushioned" your chairs?  I'd love to see your projects--just leave a link in the comments.  I'm truly looking for ideas!  And you guys are all so talented!

Well, stay tuned for the finished product...after some other finished products. :)

Have a good one!

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