Saturday, June 1, 2013

{My Old House}: My *NEW* Laundry/Mud Room

So, I have an awesome landlord.  I mean, there's probably not many who would pretty much give you free reign in adding on a room while paying for all of it.  As long as we don't use "wild" colors {his words, not mine, ha ha!}.

I have wanted a laundry room for, like, ever.  The closest thing I ever had to a laundry room was in my husband and mine's first apartment after we were married.  It was basically a large walk-in closet with the washer on one side, dryer on the other, facing each other with space in between where we had a chest of drawers for extra storage {the one used here for hubby's dresser}.  It was so nice because it was inside, enclosed and convenient   Our previous home had the typical garage set-up, and we had discussed options for creating an actual room.
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