Monday, March 23, 2015

{Re*Made} Simple Makeovers: A Non-Naked Coffee Table

Hi hello!  I've got another quickie makeover for you that was just a simple paint job, but what a difference paint can make!

Remember when I made a new coffee table for our living room?  We replaced our naked coffee table with it.

I decided to give the naked one a little makeover to make it more sellable because I didn't want to hold onto it.  I'm trying to be a better non-hoarder.  #diyerproblems

As successful as my pink desk makeover was, I kept with the bold -- to me -- color trend and took a chance with a light turquoise/aqua, then did a "grain sack" detail down the middle with stain.

Here's a true before pic for good measure:

Aaaaannd, after!

Turned out pretty cute I'd say.  (:

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