Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Crafty News: Open for Business

I am going to take this opportunity to promote myself.  *See update at bottom.* :)

In the past couple of weeks, I've been up to a lot as far as Just Crafty goes.  And I also just realized, I've officially been in "business" for a year!  Woo hoo! 

So, I suppose in honor of my "birthday" I present to you my website:
Yeah, it's a long one, but for now, will have to do.  On it, you will find photos of my custom orders from this first year (and a few from beyond) as well as links to my Facebook page, this blog, and...wait for Etsy shop!  Yes, I am finally on Etsy!!  I don't have everything uploaded yet.  It actually is a lot more involved than just posting pics and saying "I'm for sale."  So bear with me.  But there are some neat things to check out (and perhaps purchase :).

Ok, back to the website.  You will also find pictures of what I am calling my "catalog" creations.  I almost constantly have ideas running around in my head and once I get them into a concrete form, I'll post them on my website.  Each item will have a link:  either for purchasing info on Etsy, or to contact me for more info, because like I said, not everything is on Etsy yet.  BUT, everything is for sale!  Woo hoo!

There is also a place on my website to contact me for whatever reason, be it for more info on an item, to ask me any question you like (within reason of course, lol), or if you see something you like but want to customize it just for you. 

I'm kinda on a wedding kick right now, so that is the majority of items you'll see, but in the way back of my brain I have ideas for baby showers, wedding showers and kids birthdays, so check back often for new items.

So I hope you'll visit my page and maybe even bookmark it.  You may not see anything you like, but I appreciate the fact you tried and maybe you can even pass my site on to others.  I've gotta say, I haven't had this much fun "working" in a while and I'd love the opportunity to "work" for you!

Click here to visit my webpage!

*UPDATE*  My business name has changed, therefore my website has changed.  Still serving the same purpose, just a new URL.  :)  I hope you'll take a look.
Until next time...

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