Monday, February 2, 2015

When I Wish Upon a Rug

Oh my, ya'll.  I've got some bad news.  Chevron is out for 2015!  Daaaahh!

Now, normally, this wouldn't be a huge deal because with trends, you should do them in moderation and with items that can be easily - and ideally, inexpensively - replaced.  I'll say for the most part, I have lived by that rule.

There is one piece in my house, however, where I went for it:  my living room rug.

It's chevron.  Big, bold, colorful chevron.  

My new rug was first seen here.

I admit, when I first saw it, I was smitten, even though a large part of my inner self was yelling at me, "Don't do it!" because it was so trendy and I'm not just someone who can go out and buy a new 5'x8' rug whenever the desire hits me or the trends change.  That's a significant purchase in my house.  So I could hardly believe what I was doing when I ran it through the check-out.

But it's so awesome!  I mean, the colors!  It became the anchor to which my new, more modern look in my house stemmed from.  And now they're telling me it's taboo to own chevron!

I know, I know, who are they to tell me what I can and cannot have in my home if its something I love.  Believe me, I'm right there with you.  But that part of me that was screaming "Don't do it!" is now screaming "I told you so!" and convincing me it's time to go.

Plus, there's a few other factors involved with my decision to "let it go."  Let's just say that white part ain't as white anymore and that drives me nuts!  (I live in the country, guys, with the sandiest dirt short of sand you could imagine...and cows...and dogs that run around in that dirt with the cows and then bring all that goodness inside.  White is not that welcome in my home.)  These are things one doesn't really think about when one is buying something one is smitten with.

Soooo, I'm in new rug shopping mode.  My husband is super excited, lemme tell ya.

Coincidentally, I also read in the same article where I read the aforementioned bad news that "painterly" rugs are in.  Just google painterly rugs and you'll see some super gorgeous stuff out there.  And I think there are a lot of options that while, yes, you would be on trend now, they could still be a classic piece and not have you lookin' like 2015 later down the road - which would still be whole heck of a lot better than that 2015 "Back to the Future" predicted, amiright?

So I'm browsing painterly rugs and I come across this gorgeous beauty from bluebellgray that is just so amazing and lovely and fun and colorful that I couldn't help but dream a little and make that rug mine.

Let's do some virtual window shopping!

This is a fun style board I built around that gorgeous anchor featuring some amazing pieces from Chairish.  All the contrasts working here is something I love, and the quirky mix of pieces is all me!  I brought in the flower prints because the rug reminds me of a bouquet of flowers, but I kept the prints black and white so the rug would still be the showpiece.  I also like using dressers in living areas because they make such great storage in small spaces.  It works as an accent piece, an accent table, and a way to bring light up if you use a table lamp without having to use a floor lamp.   

And if you've never heard of Chairish, I highly recommend you check them out!  It's like a designer craigslist...but like better, haha!   Like 1000 times better!  It's the perfect place to find vintage and designer items that might only be available via the trade or are hard to find, or just something unique, and it's all in one spot for your viewing, buying, and selling pleasure!  And it's not just home decor & furniture, but rugs, jewelry & accessories, too!  You can read all about their story here.

Go check 'em out and create a little window of your own to dream shop in, and maybe you'll get lucky and find that one-of-a-kind can't-live-without piece!

And here's crossing my fingers I find an awesome rug!  And soon!

{ta-ta for now!}

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