Friday, February 26, 2010

My Early Beginnings

I don't think I ever had a light bulb go off that I was a creative person. I just always was. And I remember playing make-believe a lot, using my imagination constantly. My poor little brother. I can only imagine how he felt being dragged into my play schemes. I remember once we were "cooking" in our yard, making mud cakes, cupcakes, etc., and somehow, I ended up with mud in my mouth. No, I wasn't eating our concoctions, my brother got his revenge and threw it at me. I just happened to open my mouth at the opportune moment. Victory for him! Yes, I was very mad, but I didn't stop with our play times. We often had "school sessions" but I think I was a nice teacher. :)

I don't have many early memories of actually making things, but as I've said before, if we couldn't afford it or I didn't have it, I would do the best I could to make it. And I've always loved color. I get asked a lot what my favorite color is, and I never have a concrete answer. I don't have one. There are probably some colors I gravitate towards, but not a favorite. I love color.

When my brother and I were growing up, we shared a room, but as we grew into adolescence, it became necessary to put up a divider. My parents used a bamboo wall (the kind you use in your garden) and hung a opaque shower curtain so we couldn't see through it. It was great because my brother and I could still talk to each other but we had our privacy.
I hated the white shower curtan though. White. No color. So I got it in my head that I would paint it. I had a good collection of acrylics at the time, so I painted it, with all the great little doodles that Junior High-ers have. Smiley faces. Cool Beans. Jesus Freak. You get it. And, thus I had color in my room. Acrylic paint actually doesn't stick well to shower curtain material, so over time it began to flake off. But, hey, a new opportunity to paint again! Woo hoo!
In High School, I finally got tired of my childish doodles, and replaced the shower curtain with a colored one, which was much classier. But I would say that is probably my first indicator of my ability and desire to create and decorate. That, and the fact I was constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture. I habit I have yet to break.

So when I make things, its a true passion. And I do it to the best of my ability. And that's what makes it great.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bold New Step

So, I've decided to do something I told myself I never would--start a blog. But, I'm not going to keep a diary. My thoughts are for me. This will, however, be a place to showcase me. At the ripe ol' age of 25 I have discovered my true gifts (took me long enough, ha ha). I am creative and have been since I was little. I can remember making things I didn't have or couldn't afford out of nothing--a house for my Barbies out of cardboard boxes, a homecoming mum (yes, I was a dork in elementary school) with a paper flower and odds and ends from my mom's sewing box.

I went to design school and got my degree in Interior Design, but that hasn't satisfied that need to create things. It is a very creative field, but its different. I guess you could say when I'm making things with my hands, that's when I know I'm happiest. And I can't have this talent and joy for no reason, I am.

I am not the best at anything, but I believe I am good. I enjoy designing notecards and invitations, love crafts, needlepoint, sewing, baking, photography, scrapbooking, painting, drafting, Photoshop, Illustrator...and probably a few more I haven't discovered yet. I like turning junk into something unique and interesting and maybe even beautiful. My Grannie gave me an old Singer sewing table that was rusty and had a warped top, trash for the curb, but it is now the focal point of my entry. And God bless my husband for letting me bring these things into our house!

So this will be my "portfolio" of sorts. And as a side note, my services are available to you, should you be interested. I suppose that's an ulterior motive. >:) Enjoy!
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