Friday, February 26, 2010

My Early Beginnings

I don't think I ever had a light bulb go off that I was a creative person. I just always was. And I remember playing make-believe a lot, using my imagination constantly. My poor little brother. I can only imagine how he felt being dragged into my play schemes. I remember once we were "cooking" in our yard, making mud cakes, cupcakes, etc., and somehow, I ended up with mud in my mouth. No, I wasn't eating our concoctions, my brother got his revenge and threw it at me. I just happened to open my mouth at the opportune moment. Victory for him! Yes, I was very mad, but I didn't stop with our play times. We often had "school sessions" but I think I was a nice teacher. :)

I don't have many early memories of actually making things, but as I've said before, if we couldn't afford it or I didn't have it, I would do the best I could to make it. And I've always loved color. I get asked a lot what my favorite color is, and I never have a concrete answer. I don't have one. There are probably some colors I gravitate towards, but not a favorite. I love color.

When my brother and I were growing up, we shared a room, but as we grew into adolescence, it became necessary to put up a divider. My parents used a bamboo wall (the kind you use in your garden) and hung a opaque shower curtain so we couldn't see through it. It was great because my brother and I could still talk to each other but we had our privacy.
I hated the white shower curtan though. White. No color. So I got it in my head that I would paint it. I had a good collection of acrylics at the time, so I painted it, with all the great little doodles that Junior High-ers have. Smiley faces. Cool Beans. Jesus Freak. You get it. And, thus I had color in my room. Acrylic paint actually doesn't stick well to shower curtain material, so over time it began to flake off. But, hey, a new opportunity to paint again! Woo hoo!
In High School, I finally got tired of my childish doodles, and replaced the shower curtain with a colored one, which was much classier. But I would say that is probably my first indicator of my ability and desire to create and decorate. That, and the fact I was constantly rearranging my bedroom furniture. I habit I have yet to break.

So when I make things, its a true passion. And I do it to the best of my ability. And that's what makes it great.

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