Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy New Year?

I was having a terrible time getting myself focused in this new year.  And I really cannot fathom why.  Those of you who stuck by me this past year know I had a good list of projects that needed to be {Spit*Shined}.  You also know I didn't get them all done.  :/  I'm being lenient with myself on that because 2012 was full of unwelcome surprises in my life.  So I have those to complete, as well as a few others I've added in my head since then.  But I just couldn't get myself going.
Maybe Christmas burned me out, ha ha!  If you followed those posts, you know they were packed full of projects I did in a very short time frame.  I don't think I've ever accomplished so much in one month's time.  On that scale, anyways. 
But I am finally trying to get myself together.  2013 has some promising projects, and I'm hoping by letting you guys in on them, it will light a fire under my bum and get me going even more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Outside-In Bundt Cake

That looks like a plain-jane bundt cake, doesn't it?  Well, I promise, it's not.
This was a recipe of my mom's.  Once she discovered it, she made it a lot, and it was really, really good.  But it was a recipe I never got from her, and after I lost her, I thought it was just one of the many things I lost with her.  But thank goodness my mom was a pack rat {a trait I most definitely inherited from her}!  In going through some random papers, I found that recipe she had quickly scribbled down.
To me, this is the perfect cake for travel.  I always hate taking iced baked goods anywhere because my perfectly applied frosting never arrives perfectly intact.  With this cake, no need to worry about the frosting getting all over your plastic wrap or cake carrier.  Why's that, you say?  Because the frosting is on the inside.  And I don't mean as a filling between cake layers.
It is BAKED on the INSIDE!

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