Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas {Part 1}

Christmas was my mom's favorite holiday.  And it will be weird, to say the least, to not have her here for her favorite time of the year.  Memories of her are constantly in the back of my mind these days, but I am trying not to let them get me down.  Instead, I'm trying to let her love of Christmas inspire me.  Because the last thing she would want is for me to not celebrate, to forget our reason for the season:
"And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus,
for He will save His people from their sins."  --Matthew 1:21
So, on to the celebrating, and decorating!   
We are celebrating our second Christmas in our old house.  Last year I shared a few projects that reflected the decor in our house:  eclectically modern vintage.  This year, I really went for it.  I'm calling it a Modernly Vintage Rustic Christmas, with a few sparkles on the side.  An odd combo, I know, but it works.  :)
I'll admit, Pinterest had a big influence on some of my projects.  But as a designer, I like to be unique, and to take inspiration and make it my own, and I really tried to do that with my Pinspirations.
For example, these cute lil' wreaths from Martha Stewart were right in line with what I was wanting to accomplish this year in my decorating.  Simple and elegant and modernly rustic.

When I set out to the craft store to find my materials, I couldn't find greenery like that pictured that I liked.  But then I came across this green mossy stuff and fell in love. 

The process was pretty easy.  I decided to weave three branches together to give it more substance, then formed it into the circle.  I secured my circle with floral wire in several places to make sure it held.  Those branches were a bit wily!  I added in a bit of sparkly red accents, then added an extra element Martha's don't have: an ornament, since my wreaths aren't as full as hers.  Then I tied my ribbon for hanging.

Simple and elegant and modernly rustic.
I made a few more smaller wreaths to hang as an ensemble.

I also mentioned last year that we don't have a fireplace, therefore, no mantle.  {Sad face}  So, we bought a floating shelf that resembled a mantle to have a place to hang our stockings.
This year, there were a couple of problems with that.  First, as a designer, proportion plays a big part in design deceisions.  However, designers are not perfect (der!) which was clearly demonstrated by my mantle placement last year.  That shelf was too small for that large bare wall. 

Problem number two is that these guys now take up that wall:
So, I had to find a new place for our "mantle" but I had also decided I wanted to make it look more like a fireplace than just a floating shelf.

With a bit of moulding, I think I did just that!!
I used my {Spit*Shined} mirror to create my focal point.
It's not permanently attached to the wall, so I can easily take it down and replace what was once there that was sacrificed for Christmas cheer.  But I really really like it!  I'm gonna call this one my second favorite Christmas project this year!  {you'll have to tune in again for my third favorite and then my most favorite favorite!}  I know my mom would have loved me adding a "fireplace" to our house.

Speaking of my mom, I have her to thank for a Christmas tradition that my hubby and I now have.  Ten years ago, my mom and I were celebrating our first Christmas as a split family.  It was hard but we were trying to stay positive, and so we got an ornament to commemorate our change.  It was a miniature cottage, almost gingerbread-like, but it represented our new home.  The next year, we got a ball ornament painted like a flag to honor my hubby--then boyfriend--who was spending his Christmas in Iraq.  By the third year's ornament--a chalkboard stating "I love School" which was for my mom, myself and my brother all being in school--a tradition had started.  My hubby and I carried it on after we were married, adding a new ornament to our tree each year.

This year, we have two new annual ornaments to honor to the two new angels watching over us.  My hubby made the comment to me the other day how perfect we are for each other because we do everything together, including losing our moms.  Kind of an odd comment, but it made me feel better.  And it made me laugh.  Which is one of the reasons I love him.
Aren't they pretty?  Just like the two women who had to leave us.

And I know I'm biased {because isn't everyone about their own stuff??} but I absolutely love my tree!  Even it's awkward "butt", as my hubby called it.  The galvanized bucket tree stand was blatantly stolen from Pinterest, but it fits in perfectly with my look.

One more mini decor spotlight.
You might could call this a dollar store craft.  Whatever it is, it's prettier than it was.  I simply added in dollar store floral picks, then painted Mod Podge on the bottoms of the candles, fading it as I went up.  Then sprinkled on glitter, and voila!

I think it's pertty!!
Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  I have more Christmas cheer to share so keep checking back!

And, in case you don't, have a very Merry Christmas!!

ta-ta for now...

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