Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Spit*Shined}: Oval Mirror

On my last post, I mentioned a list a projects I hope to complete this year, at a rate of one a month.  And, admittedly, I started with the easiest one, considering February is a day away from being gone.

I am calling this series "Spit-Shined," a name I hope to call my little shop one day...maybe.  I tend to change my mind. :S  But I felt it was fitting for these projects as with a little spit, and a little shine, you can give something an entirely new look or function.  Probably comes a little from watching my hubby take his scuffed military boots, and with a little spit and elbow power, made them shine so much you could see your own reflection.  Those boots were given a new life every time.

So, project one:  the Old Gold Oval Mirror. 
This mirror was also given to me by my grannie.  It hung in her office and she parted with it when she closed her office.  It was in really good shape, and I even like the discoloring in the middle...adds a vintage flare.  But I'm not really a fan of gold.  Nothing a little spray paint can't fix.  :)

So I taped over the mirror and trimmed away the edges.

Then I broke out my trusty spray paint--oil-rubbed bronze to be exact--and went to work.

But I wanted to do more than just paint the frame.  I remembered I had some etching goop I had used many years ago and thought, why not?

After the frame was dry, I hand drew a design around the edge of the mirror.  I NEVER hand draw things.  I can sketch and I can draft, but hand drawing is not one of my talents.  So this was a huge risk.  And it didn't turn out perfect, but it's not too bad.

I cut out the part of the mirror I wanted to etch with an exacto knife.

Then applied the etching goop and let it work it's magic.

After I washed it all off, I sat back and reviewed the final product.  And I love it!  And while photographing it, I realized it needed to be hung sideways.  And I love it even more!

So, whadya think?

Be sure to look for next month's {Spit*Shined}!

Ta ta for now...

i {heart} comments! :)

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