Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Design for a Great Cause

About 8 years ago, my mom began a new job that was certainly an opened doorway from God. I don't believe I have ever encountered a company that runs itself more like a family than a business, but then their business is in the caring of others, so it makes sense. They are making huge strides in the community, and I have watched them grow these past 8 years.

One of Mid-Coast Family Services newest projects is building a new women's shelter for their area. It is a multi-million dollar project, but it is so needed. The current shelter is falling apart, beyond repair, and is just too small to meet their needs. The new shelter will also allow victims to bring their pets, a reason often cited by victims as to why they stay with their abuser. This new facility will be a huge asset, but they need help raising the money. Amazingly, various community organizations, along with the City, have pitched in huge amounts of money, but they are still short. And this is where us little people come in. :)

Last year, Mid-Coast hosted their first fundraiser for this campaign, appropriately named "Legends & Legacies." Mid-Coast and their amazing work around the community is the Legend, and they brought in the Legacies to celebrate. They held an traditional country dance with stars--Johnny Bush, Johnny Rodriguez & Johnny Lyon--well known in the Country arena, but maybe a little unknown to my generation. Let's just say I got educated, ha ha. But it was a great success, and this year they are doing it again.

This year the dance stars Janie Fricke, featuring Bobby Flores. (Again, I am going to get educated.) There is a live and silent auction, as well as donation opportunities, and ALL proceeds go to benefit the new women's shelter.

Last year, I was asked to be apart of this as a design consultant to help them get the theme going, but it was more fun than work. This year I was asked to help design their posters advertising the event. Below is that product.

I really had a lot of fun working with Mid-Coast designing their poster, and my only wish is that it attracts more people than last year. If you live in the Victoria area, come out for a great time for a great cause. Here are links to Mid-Coast's website, as well as the web page for Legends & Legacies, where you can also purchase tickets.
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