Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life As of Late + a 2015 Calendar

I have started this post probably 10 times.  My thoughts are such a jumble that I've had a hard time pinning down exactly what I want to say.

You may have noticed I've taken an extended leave of absence, which has me feeling a little neglectful of my blog, but life lately has become more of a priority and I can't say I'm super upset by that.  But it's a new year, full of new opportunities, new objectives and an obvious excuse to reevaluate things.

My blog will be 5 in April.  When I started it, there wasn't much of a "blogosphere" and making a living blogging was nearly unheard of.  But in the last couple of years, blogging has exploded until any and everyone has some sort of online diary.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it's causing quite a stir in the blog world.  And I admit to sharing in some of the feelings being put out there.  (I'm not going to really go into what's being said.  Just google "state of the blog" if you're interested and you'll see what I'm talking about.)

But it has made me step back and think about why I started blogging, do I want to continue my blog, and if so, what do I want my blog to be about?

I was totally one of those bloggers that got caught up in the numbers game.  And it was exhausting, and quite frankly, took the fun out of something that I started for fun.  And it had me seriously considering hanging up my blogger hat.  

I am a doer.  Always have been.  And I felt like I was always doing something with never a moment to do nothing but enjoy what I've done because I had to keep doing to do my blog.  You follow?  And in the past few months I've purposely tried to not do things so I can enjoy try to enjoy life more.

And my husband and I have been busy doing just that, taking each day at a time, being spontaneous, doing things we've talked about doing forever.  It's been wonderful, and I really hope we can keep that momentum going in the coming year(s).  We have also been drastically de-cluttering our house and making things simpler, cleaner, maybe a bit more modern.  If you follow me on Pinterest, my "Design Love" boards are full of Scandinavian inspired designs and I can't get enough of them, so I'm trying to emulate their design philosophies in my own home.  No knick-knacks unless they have meaningful value.  Keeping items only if they serve a purpose or serve a particular function I need in my life.  Working with a neutral palette and keeping things quiet, but incorporating my love of color.  Finally letting go of things I held onto of my mom's simply because they were her things.  (That last one has been the hardest to work through, but I'm getting there.)

I have had little baby projects here and there around the house as well, but nothing I've felt was "blog worthy."  Sure, I've done the photographing and staging just in case, but I haven't felt the desire to sit and share.  (Although you might say I've got a "micro" blog going on with my Instagram account.)

And I think, therein lies the issue.  I started my blog with little baby projects that probably weren't "blog worthy" but I shared them anyways because I enjoyed creating, I enjoyed sharing, and I enjoyed writing.  I wasn't worried about it being photographed perfectly, or it being the "next big thing" on Pinterest, or going "viral."  None of that mattered.  I just shared for sharing's sake.  Ok, and because I'd hoped it might generate a bit of business for me BUT I wasn't obsessed about it.  It didn't consume my life.

So, what does all this mean?

It means that I'm making life a priority, not this blog.  It means I'm going to be doing things to better enjoy what I have.  It means I still am, and will always be a doer, so I still plan on blogging.  It means I may blog about things other than design/DIY because I'm making it more about what makes me happy.  It means I'm blogging because I want to, because it makes me happy, not everyone else.


So that was a much longer version of what I'd hoped would be a short explanation of my absence and the future of my blog.  :P  But I'm looking forward to what is to come, and what I have lined up to share, because even though I haven't been doing like crazy, I have been doing some that I'm excited to share.

One of them, I've got for you today.  This was a project I actually created last year but never got posted because that big ol' cloud of doubt hung overhead.  But I really liked it, so I figured, screw the doubt!  I know we are already well into January, and 2015, but maybe you don't have a calendar yet, so I've got a cute little one for your free printing pleasure.  (:

There's probably lots of ways to display it:  bulletin boards, picture easel, washi tape.  I just hung it on the wall with a binder clip.  So easy!

You can download it for free here!

{Cute Sidenote:  the colors of each month correlate to that month's birthstone.}  (:

So, my goal for 2015?  Less really is more, or at least it is in my world.  Less clutter in my home, less worry about what project will I do next, less stress of trying to be like everyone else, less unnecessary anything.

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