Monday, February 23, 2015

{Re*Made} Simple Makeovers: Sewing Table

God bless whoever invented paint!

And God bless whoever thought spraying paint would be even better!

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of paint can do?  There's been a lot of change happening in my house, but most of it has been just a simple paint change.  So I'm gonna have a few quickie posts with befores and afters showing these simple changes that are making big impacts in my home.

First up is my sewing table.  My grannie gave me this table when we moved into our first home.  It had been left in a house she was selling and asked if I wanted it.  It was in very "well worn" condition, even missing two of the drawers.  But I loved it and welcomed it into our home.

I used to have a philosophy with old stuff:  their "well worn" condition should be left as is, unless you are restoring it to its former glory.  And so I left that sewing table as it was:  rusting base, warped & chipped top, missing drawers.

Somewhere, my old stuff philosophy changed.  I think I came to the conclusion that leaving some things, especially this table, in their current condition wasn't helping them survive; it was simply allowing them to grow old.  I thought by changing/redoing/updating these old things they would lose their stories, and the stories are what I love best.  But the stories don't get taken away just by giving old stuff new life.

When I first decided I was ok making over this little table, it was going to just be paint:  I was going to paint the base and paint the top.  Painting the top was going to require removing the warping veneer, but I also wanted to remove the lid that flipped open for the machine that used to be there.  However, that was going to leave me with a hole in the top that I wasn't sure how I was going to fill.  And I wanted this to be a simple project.

So, conclusion drawn:  make a new top.

Things in my house are definitely moving toward the modern, or at the very least, more contemporary side of things.  As I've said before, I've been drawing lots of inspiration from Scandinavian design, which is clean & simple, but I like throwing in my quirkiness here and there, too. (I'm sorry I keep mentioning this, but I feel like it justifies/explains my design decisions of late.)

I've been seeing lots of projects lately using marbled adhesive vinyl to refinish furniture, and after some thought, I thought the contrast of that clean marble look with the antique iron base painted glossy black would be AWESOME!

And the sewing table makeover was born!

The process was fairly easy.  I cut a piece of plywood to size, which we decided to go smaller than the original top, then covered the plywood with the marbled adhesive vinyl.  I used a wire brush to clean off most of the rust from the base, then gave it a good coating of gloss black spray paint, which was a definite challenge with all those nooks & crannies!  Once the paint was dry, I attached the new top to the base, and voila!

It's such a great little table now, and its new look is exactly what I was hoping for.

It has also become the perfect place for our record player!  We have had lots of fun shopping for records for our player, and sitting in our living room listening to music with all those crackles is so great!  I'm thinking the record player might be getting a makeover soon, too.  Whadya think?

Here's a before and after shot for good measure.

It's soooo good!

See you soon with more mini-makeovers! :D

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  1. Beautiful! The antique shop I work for actually did something really similar- I totally agree that remaking things like this gives them new life :) I redid my great-grandma's desk and the result is something that I love and use more now and that really is the point of upcycling. Love your design aesthetic and I'm so glad I found your blog!

  2. Your table looks great... I did one similarly, but just put a beautiful piece of finished wood on top and it turned out well. You will get a lot more use out of the table now, I would say. :)

  3. Oh wow it looks great! The marbled adhesive vinyl adds a nice touch!


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