Thursday, July 18, 2013

A "Stache" of Cookies

I hope you have had a chance to check out the cutest mustache party evah!  And if you did, you probably missed one element of the party.

Missed it because I didn't show a pic.  ):

Unless you have x-ray vision.  Then you saw.  Yay! (:

The goodie bags contained a mustache element that I wanted to share because it was super easy to make.  And I thought you might enjoy checking it out.

Ok, remember the birthday cake?

It was a blatant take-off from this pin.

When we were still in the planning stage of the party, I saw these mustache cookie cutters and thought how CUTE mustache cookies would be.  But my practical side of me kept saying: "When would you use that cookie cutter again?  Mustache cookies at Christmas?  Or maybe for every guys' birthday you know?  No, probably not.  Don't buy it."

So I didn't.  But I really, really liked the idea.

And then, light bub!  {Don't you love when they light up all unexpected like?!}

Why couldn't I take the cake concept and use it on a cookie?

So, as a secret surprise, I set out to make mustache cookies {sans a cookie cutter} that we could put in the goodie bags.

There may be better ways to do this, but this is what worked best for me with what I had on hand.

I started with your basic store-bought sugar cookie dough stick/roll/tube.  Whatever you wanna call it.  The "slice-and-bake" stuff.

The directions on this particular brand suggested you cut them into 1/2" thick slices.  Do not do this.  I quickly discovered this is much too much dough.  Go with probably 1/4".  I didn't measure.  Just sliced. Sorry.

I kept my slices in the refrigerator to keep them stiff.  If you've ever used this dough before, you probably know it will get sticky and difficult to work with.  I also used a piece of parchment so when the dough did get a little sticky, it wouldn't stick to the work surface.

Once I realized the thicker slices wouldn't make good mustaches {baked up too fat}, I rolled my slices thinner, which also helped to make them more of a circle shape, since the package ended up like a oval combined with a rectangle.  {Not sure what you would call that, rectoval? Ovangle? Anyhoo...}  After I rolled the dough slightly thinner, I used a knife to reinforce the circle shape.

I used the same knife to cut out the mustache shapes.  This is where all that doodling in junior high comes in.  You remember.  The yin-yang?  I had that thing drawn on everything!  Notebooks, folders, backpacks....everywhere.  Ugh.  And I was so good at it, ha ha.  But that was like, 15 years ago, so my yin-yang skills were slow to return.  Not quite like riding a bike.  But thankfully I didn't need the training wheels.

So you draw your yin-yang, then separate the two pieces.  You'll have to flip one of the over to get your mustache shape.

The join them together in the middle by just mushing a little.

My cookies weren't perfect, nor uniform, like they would have been had I used a cutter.  But I think maybe that made them funner.

One side a little bushier than the other.

Or one curl a little curlier than the other.

I baked them according to the package directions, although I did keep an eye on them time-wise since they were thinner than the package recommended.  Once they were cooled, it was time to frost.

I found a great sugar cookie frosting that tastes so good {my hubby compared it to the chocolate donut frosting}, hardens quickly and only takes 4 {or 5, in this case} ingredients:  powdered sugar {2 cups}, milk {added by the tablespoon as needed}, light syrup {1 Tbsp}, vanilla extract {or almond}{1 tsp} and cocoa {1/2 cup}.

I filled my piping bag and used a plain tip to pipe the 'stache.

So cute!

And really yummy!

Once the icing had hardened, into a plastic bag they went, then into the goodie bags.  Unfortunately, I had made more cookies than bags, so we had leftovers.  Ok, so, not so much unfortunate.  Well, for my diet it was ha ha!  

Ah, the perks of a do-it-all party planner, ha ha ha ha!

Hope you found a little inspiration with this easy-peasy yummy project.


  1. LIFE HACK! I love when someone saves me some money on things that can be done ourselves. The cookies AND cake are adorable.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I think my frugality is a hindrance to myself, ha ha, but glad to know it helps others! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look! Have a great day! (:

  2. Extremely cute! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  3. Oh you make these look so simple and they are so cute. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comments and for stopping by! (:

  4. Great idea! The cake and cookies are adorable, and I love, love that you didn't use a cookie cutter. My cookie cutter collection is getting out of control, and you've saved me from having to hand cut the entire shape! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so glad I could help! (: Thanks for stopping by!

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing! This is something so simple that I never would have thought of! Pinned!

  6. These are so cute and you make it look so easy! Pinning for a possible first birthday idea for my little boy! Stopped by from Get Your Craft On!
    Corey from

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! So glad they inspired! (:

  7. AHH!! I just LOVE these! How adorable! Pinned them!


  8. These are just way too cute! Found you on the Sugar and Dots link up. :)

  9. Fun idea! I am so doing this for my co-worker who is having a little buddy soon! Thanks!


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