Monday, August 10, 2015

Kraft Paper Planter

So, I took a bit of a summer break.  I hadn't really planned to, but plans just kept forming, and life became more important, and I realized it was a much needed break.  I will admit though I've had kind of a hard time getting back to my projects:  all those little things on my to do list so I can one day stop and smell the roses.  So, here I am getting back into the swing of things.  I missed my wittle bloggy-blog.

I mentioned in my last post that we are giving our kitchen a mini-makeover.  #goodbyeyellowkitchen  Between the hubby's and my work schedules - and our summer break - it's taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but I think we have most of the major projects out of the way.  Now, we are just down to the know, the stuff that always gets pushed to the end that's just not as much fun to do as the rest of it.  I'm not entirely sure when those last little bits will get done.  To be honest, that's driving me nuts, but I'm trying to be chill and just go with the flow about it all.  I'm more grateful for my life being so busy because it means we are living.  

But, that also means the most exciting part -- the reveal -- is still a ways off.  Womp-womp.  So I thought what I would do in the mean time is share all the little projects that make up the big project, which will hopefully get you excited for what our kitchen looks like now.


In an attempt to add some greenery to my house with indoor plants, I opted to put an aloe vera plant in my kitchen for decorative - and practical - reasons.

I can't really remember how the idea came about, but when I was planting the little aloe plant in its pot, I was wishing it wasn't the color it was because it just didn't work with what I had going for my kitchen.  I thought it would be neat to have a pot that looked like Kraft paper.  I'm trying to keep my kitchen modernly neutral with farmhouse touches and the Kraft paper look is right on par with that.  But how does one get a Kraft paper pot for a real plant?

Wrap it.

Let me just say this first:  if you decide to do your own version of this project, wrap your pot first, before you plant your plant.  I had this awesome idea after I had potted my aloe, and trying to wrap a potted plant is not easy.  I managed, but it certainly would have been easier had the pot been empty first.

So, you start with you pot.  Here's mine, post-potting.

The Kraft paper I had on hand is actually wrapping paper, so I used the reverse side for plain paper.  But you can buy just plain Kraft paper, too.  The edge punch isn't necessary, but I wanted to give my pot a little detail.  You could also draw/paint patterns or designs or doodles on your pot.  Really, the possibilities are endless!

The Kraft wrapping paper was a leftover scrap from another wrapping project (I can't throw anything away!!) so it was more than I needed for this project.  I loosely wrapped it around the pot and made a mark of where to cut off the excess.  I also marked how much to cut off the top.  I left about an inch or so taller than the pot so when I used the edge punch the paper would still stick up above the top edge of the pot to completely conceal it.

I folded a tiny edge on one side of the paper in order to give it a cleaner edge, since it had been cut before.  Not necessary, but a detail I wanted.

Then I used the edge punch to add a decorative touch to what will be the top edge of my "pot."

I then placed a piece of double-stick tape to one side of my pot...

and stuck one end of my Kraft paper to it.

I wrapped the paper all the way around the pot, then secured the other end with another piece of double-stick tape.

Just to add a little extra somethin'-somethin', I randomly wrapped cotton string around the pot a few times, then tied it off.

And that's it!  So easy, and I love the result.

Clean, simple, rustic, neutral with a little pop of color from the aloe.  Just what my kitchen was asking for.

I placed it on some new open shelves we put in above our stove, so it is close to easy access, should we ever need a bit of aloe for a burn.

I've got another Kraft-paper project next that was an AWESOME addition to our kitchen to help keep us organized.  Can't wait to share!


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  1. Very Otiginal and a frugal way to cover up messy pots!


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