Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown!

Ok, not really for Charlie Brown, but for a sweet little boy turning three who wanted a Charlie Brown birthday.  I mean, really, how awesome is it that a three-year-old wanted a Peanuts Party?!  Awesome!
This is actually the third year I have made birthday party invites for this little guy and I kinda wanted to step it up and do something different.
Most invites I've done are flat, single-sided cards, so I wanted to do something folded, but pushing it a little.
I'm really not sure how I came up with the concept of a tri-fold card, but that's where my sketch took me.  And since it was tri-fold, I wanted something to hold it closed so you get the full picture on the front, and not a see-through of the inside through the crack.
And, this is what I came up with.  Love them! (:
I was so excited about how these turned out, even though I wanted to murder my printer before it was all over with.  But, we reconciled {for the time being} and got these cuties printed.
Next up is a mustache party for another little man that I've had the privalege of making invites for the past three years.  Gosh, how these kiddos grow so fast!  But I love repeat customers.  (:
Have a good one!

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